Thursday, August 26, 2010


I'm no fanboy, I despise fanboys and their ignorant, self-righteous arrogance. Seriously, nothing annoys me more than uninformed opinions on things that are taken to a degree where it appears that their very body and soul are bound to their love of something so unbelievably unimportant that it makes me want to nail their intestines to their item of affection and leave them to rot. I don’t mind people having their own preference since that would be unreasonable to deny. I can’t stand people that judge others upon grounds that are completely irrelevant or simply nonexistent.

Windows vs Mac OS X
Xbox vs PS3 (vs Wii?)
nVidia vs ATi
Intel vs AMD

For the love of christ people, does it REALLY matter?

However, despite my attempts to remain impartial, I can't help but get sucked in by the black hole that is fanboyism.

My main hatred is this Windows vs Mac rubbish. As a mac user; you're both as freaking bad as each other. However, you Windows fanboys are more uninformed than your trendy, arrogant counterparts.

The best arguments I find for 'why macs suck' are as follows. And these are quotes:

- Enjoy your single click mouse, faggot.

- You can't play games

- Nothing works on them

- Macs are for gays, fag

My response?

- Get a USB mouse with a billion buttons. They 'just work' and need no drivers. *cough* Windows. Plus, all new macs have amazing multitouch trackpads, 2 finger click, or actual bottom right of the pad = right click. Old ones, just hold control and click.

- Granted, games are either non-existent or suck. Solution? ZOMG, you can install Windows on a Mac-based machine? What's that? I get over 100FPS running EvE Online, max settings, on a mac, running good ol' XP? The alternative cannot be said for PCs; you can't install OS X on a PC without hacking it to hell and making it practically useless.

- By 'nothing' I presume you mean applications. That's unreasonable. Adobe suite, Office, Maya, Sibelius, Cubase, plus all the other little things like IMs, Skype, and any other essentials all work. Not to mention, some of the best software is only available on the mac; Aperture, Final Cut, Logic.

- Wow, you're intelligent.

Macs can’t possibly suck. Why? Oh, maybe because people like Dreamworks, Pixar and co all use them. Any large business involved in anything creative will all use macs.

That being said, they are ridiculously expensive for what they are. I mean come on Apple.
Though, somehow, Apple’s ridiculous marketing scheme and advertising campaign seems to draw in drooling imbeciles like lemmings to the slaughter. I really don’t know why, and I’ve lost faith in humanity knowing that somebody will pay over £180 for an mp3 player with a camera. I’ll stick to my stick with a usb dongle on the end to play my music, thanks. It only cost me £20.
I gotta hand it to them; they sure do seem to be doing well for themselves, so, kudos.

For the record, I run Mac OS X, Windows XP (hated Vista) and various distributions of Linux. Linux when I’m bored and want to destroy my own operating system, Windows for games, Mac for everything else. And dammit, I like it that way.

Right, I’ve gone off on one heck of a tangent here.

Consoles. Yeah. At college, there’s a very noticeable gap between xbox users and ps3 users. I don’t know why really, I prefer to play games on my computer but whatever. Seriously, these people spend 90% of their time on their consoles, playing with prepubescent American children that continue their quest to rape the English language, and enjoy it? Wow.

They defend their console of choice with such vigor that it actually makes me feel quite ill due to the sheer magnitude of disgust I feel when I hear these arguments between - what are essentially - kindred spirits in being so pathetic it makes me want to vomit.

But hey, I’ll bite, I’m game for a laugh.

I don’t own either console, though I’ve played both. I also like to think that I know a little bit about technology, but I won’t pretend to be a genius.

The ps3 is presumably more powerful than the xbox. I say this purely out of my experience, since the games I’ve played on the ps3 seemed to look better than the xbox.

Online on ps3 is free. I don’t care about your stupid claims of ‘there are more people on xbox live.’ I don’t want to PAY to have some retarded Yankee child, with a ping of 9001 scream ‘omg j00 n00b, gtfo fag’ in my ear. As long as there’s enough decent people to fill the room that I’m in - I’m happy.

Blu-ray baby. The ps3 is one of the best Blu-ray players on the market, and has huge multimedia capabilities that surpass the xbox. Not to mention it upscales DVDs amazingly well.

Price is irrelevant. Everybody knows that a screaming child (or in disturbingly frequent cases; teenager) will get what they want from mummy and/or daddy.

I’m not entirely sure where I’m going with this.

Bottom line is, I really can’t stand fanboys. You could have just read the title for that.

Car Insurance

Ok, I really, really don’t get this. Why does it cost £2000 + excess + deposit for a new driver to insure a 1.0, S reg corsa? Because you’re a new driver and therefore not as good? Well, I can assure you, I can drive significantly better than most of the imbeciles on the road these days and I haven’t even passed yet. If anything, the fact that new drivers have literally just passed their test means that they are competent drivers.

I asked my dad this question. He agreed that its ridiculous, but also said that you’re actually insuring the person’s car that you hit, not your own. Unless you’re fully comp. Next question? Then why the hell does it make a difference with what car I’m driving?!

Why are girls cheaper? They aren’t better/safer drivers, and you know it. Have you ever visited YouTube? All those terrible drivers in car parks? Yeah, women. And American. Bad combination. You know their cars can’t turn corners. Or be any smaller than a caravan.

Why does no claims only go up to 9-13 years? (I forget which one) when my parents both have over 30 years no claims.

People over 50 should be made to take their test every 5 years. I don’t care if you think that’s wrong, prejudice or harsh. They’re dangerous. I saw an old lady going the WRONG WAY up the A50. I’ve also seen elderly motorists doing 30 on the M1.

I'm not ageist. I'm realistic. I love my nan to bits, I truly do. But man, I wouldn't trust her on the road. It isn't an issue, as she's one of those great people who have actually realized; 'wait, I'm not cut out for this' and relinquished her license.