Thursday, August 26, 2010

Car Insurance

Ok, I really, really don’t get this. Why does it cost £2000 + excess + deposit for a new driver to insure a 1.0, S reg corsa? Because you’re a new driver and therefore not as good? Well, I can assure you, I can drive significantly better than most of the imbeciles on the road these days and I haven’t even passed yet. If anything, the fact that new drivers have literally just passed their test means that they are competent drivers.

I asked my dad this question. He agreed that its ridiculous, but also said that you’re actually insuring the person’s car that you hit, not your own. Unless you’re fully comp. Next question? Then why the hell does it make a difference with what car I’m driving?!

Why are girls cheaper? They aren’t better/safer drivers, and you know it. Have you ever visited YouTube? All those terrible drivers in car parks? Yeah, women. And American. Bad combination. You know their cars can’t turn corners. Or be any smaller than a caravan.

Why does no claims only go up to 9-13 years? (I forget which one) when my parents both have over 30 years no claims.

People over 50 should be made to take their test every 5 years. I don’t care if you think that’s wrong, prejudice or harsh. They’re dangerous. I saw an old lady going the WRONG WAY up the A50. I’ve also seen elderly motorists doing 30 on the M1.

I'm not ageist. I'm realistic. I love my nan to bits, I truly do. But man, I wouldn't trust her on the road. It isn't an issue, as she's one of those great people who have actually realized; 'wait, I'm not cut out for this' and relinquished her license.

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